Joan Fletcher

Nationally recognized leadership expert & certified self-awareness professional coach


About Joan Fletcher
Founder & President of Winning Ways, Inc.

As Founder & President of Winning Ways, Inc., Joan has built one of the most trusted brands of instructor-led leadership development programs focusing on sales, business development, and goal planning & achievement. She has a unique way of providing the environment and teaching that creates focus, momentum, sustainable success, and long-term changes in the professional and personal lives of the program participants. For 30 years, Joan’s enthusiasm, energy, and experience is evident to her clients from the first meeting to the last training session. She is passionate about her client’s success.


For the past 30 years, Joan has worked with some of the top CEOs in some of America's top brands to tap into their hidden EQ potential as a leader. 

This experience has produced an increase in happiness and productivity for these world-renowned leaders in both their personal and professional lives.

Would you like to increase your self-awareness potential as well? 

Joan is a wonderful person and a tremendous professional coach. Working with her has been transformational. There are many types of leaders and she did a fantastic job of helping me identify the leader I wanted to be along with the qualities important to be successful. This allowed me to not only identify my own personal strengths and weaknesses but more importantly the ones I needed to focus on in my development. Creating this self-awareness not only in the assessment stage of the process but in my everyday interactions will allow me to continue my development long into the future. I am thankful to Joan for guiding me to be the leader I want and giving me such a better quality of life as a result.
— Scott Brezler, Partner, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
I have worked with several Executive coaches, and Joan Fletcher is the best prepared and most straightforward coach I have ever worked with. She knows my time is valuable and that I consider coaching to be an investment in my future, and Joan is a stakeholder in my success. I am truly grateful for her role in helping me be the best leader I can be.
— Theresa Daytner, Owner, Daytner Construction Group
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All of Winning Ways Training & Development is facilitated. That means a professional interactively leads you or your group through the content, which we've developed over more than 20 years of performance improvement leadership. 



Every organizational leader faces daunting, ongoing challenges in today's dynamic marketplace. Contemporary leaders must do more than manage change; they must thrive on it. Are you a goal-directed leader? 




Winning Ways Strategic Planning empowers an organization by helping them define what they want to become and how they are going to do it.  Identifying your organization's potential and the specific goals necessary to achieve your potential is exciting. 


Leadership Evolution Program